Access your residents’ information anywhere, anytime, on any device.

All you need is an internet connection. Tabula Pro makes it easy to reference and manage your residents’ needs on the GO!

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Resident Management

Enter resident information once during the admission process and watch how the data auto fills and auto generates CUSTOM forms and reports as well as the forms required by state like emergency transfer sheets, face sheets, assessments, support plans and more!

Keeping You in Compliance

Tabula Pro was developed and designed with one thing in mind, convenience! Nothing screams convenience more than entering information once and having the program automatically alert you so you can stay on top of resident documentation and...

Create Your Own Forms

Tabula Pro will provide you with every resident form that is required by the state. If there is a form we don't have or a form that you wish you had, don't worry, with our custom form builder you now have the ability to custom build your own forms and reports...

Resident Alerts

Let Tabula Pro worry about when your residents' annual forms are upcoming or when your next residents' birthday is. Tabula Pro will alert you of any upcoming screenings, assessments, support plans, medical evaluations, and...

Scan in and Upload Files

With the ability to scan in and upload files to a specific resident, we also create the ability to significantly reduce the amount of paper files that you have to dig through every time a piece of info is requested. Having the ability to upload anything to a residents file, reduces...

Save Time and Money

And more time with your residents. Resident information is entered only once and is easy to access. For a typical 60-bed facility, Tabula Pro can recover over 45 hours of repetitive labor time every week.

  • Tabula Pro has become an indispensable tool for our facility. It is not just a software system, but rather an essential partner in our success. The level of supprt and personal attention to our questions and feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Tabula Pro has paid for itself perhaps 10 times over in the time and money it has saved our facility. I would whole-heartedly recommend Tabula Pro to any facility that wants an easy, flexible, and affordable web-based solution. 
    Dean Pelczynski
  • As an owner operator, I am responsible for everything in my personal care home and at times it gets overwhelming. With the increasing regulatory demands of licensing, Tabula Pro allows me to manage my resident files easily with the knowledge that all of my information is secure and at my fingertips. Adam and the staff are accessible and responsive. I would recommend this software to anyone who currently runs a home and especially to anyone thinking about opening one. Bob Spears