What is Tabula Pro?

Tabula Pro is an easy to learn, simple to use software that helps Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities address the operational and regulatory challenges encountered everyday. Tabula Pro is currently helping facilities to improve the quality of care, increase profitability, and prevent operational issues from turning into larger regulatory and liability problems. Tabula Pro is a facility and resident management software system geared to keep your assisted living facility up to code and in compliance with state regulations.

Are there initial costs or long-term commitments required to get started?

Tabula Pro is offered to you as a service. Setup is FREE and there are NO termination fees. You are NOT locked into a long term commitment. Senior Living Software Inc, does not believe in long term contracts because we feel that if we are doing our jobs correctly and are providing great customer service, you would have NO reason to look elsewhere. Tabula Pro is offered to you on a month to month contract. All we ask for is a 30 day notice should you choose to discontinue service for any reason.

How is Tabula Pro different from other software programs?

While Tabula Pro isn’t the first of it’s kind, there is one simple factor that sets itself apart from the others. Tabula Pro was designed and developed for Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities, by a family who owns and operates a Personal Care Home Facility. This perspective allowed for a very unique and specific criterion during the creation process. Tabula Pro doesn’t just manage patient data and information; it keeps you and your facility in compliance with state regulations.

How can Tabula Pro meet the specific needs of MY assisted living facility?

Who could possibly better know your needs than someone who owns and operates a Personal Care Home Facility? Tabula Pro was created by the very same individuals, which walk the floor and pass out meds, consult doctors, and keep the residents as comfortable as possible. Aside from being personable and specifically crafted, Tabula Pro has another unique feature; a custom form builder has been implemented for your convenience. Whether you’re putting together an inventory list or a bathroom schedule, the custom form builder can help you and your facilities productivity.

How will Tabula Pro help my Personal Care Home / Assisted Living Facility be more efficient?

For a typical 60-bed facility, Tabula Pro can recover over 45 hours of repetitive labor time weekly, allowing your staff to spend more time with residents and less time with their paperwork.

How will Tabula Pro help my Personal Care Home / Assisted Living Facility be more profitable?

Tabula Pro and its incredible organization skills can save you more than just money. No longer will you be spending late hours sifting through papers or sorting documents, simply input your data into the nearest (or your personal favorite) Internet accessible device and move on to the next order of business. Saving time saves money and that time you managed to free up, just made you available for one of the many other things you have to do.

How can I access Tabula Pro and what type of computer do I need?

Tabula Pro is a web-based program and can be accessed from any Internet ready computer or Internet capable device. This means you can manage your facility on-site, at home, or even on the go.

Do I need to purchase additional hardware?

Because Tabula Pro is a web based application, there is no additional hardware you would need to purchase.

How much maintenance is required?

There is effectively nothing for you or your staff to support, therefore there is no maintenance required from you. We take care of all technical issues, upgrades, and maintenance.

What happens if my computer crashes?

Tabula Pro is a web-based program and all of your data is stored and backed-up in a secure off-site location, giving you the ability to not only access more than one computer, but work on the go using your favorite mobile devices!

How do I get Tabula Pro?

Contact us by phone: 1-855-482-2852

Contact us by email: info@tabulapro.com

Or you can just click: contact us