Tabula Pro is the unmatched provider of a software platform that fits your needs.


Software is a vital piece of your business. It assists administrators and staff deliver top-notch care for your residents. You still might be using paper for your charting needs. Worse yet, you may be using an EHR that doesn’t quite fit your needs- which is more of a hindrance than an advantage. Tabula Pro was designed with one thing in mind- you. Tabula Pro was constructed with intuitive functions and features based upon your needs from an operations and regulatory standpoint.

Tabula Pro is made up of a team of IT and healthcare professionals just like you. Our team includes owners and credentialed staff of licensed personal care homes, information technology administrators, programmers, registered nurses and others with extensive experience in the healthcare industry and health information management.

We understand how tedious documentation can impact productivity. That is why we firmly believe in providing a more industry-specific, user-friendly and efficient software package that provides solutions that are affordable.

Tabula Pro is a secure, web-based application. Tabula Pro will help you manage resident care and meet documentation requirements. With easy to manage forms and reminders, you can now dedicate your vital time to delivering quality care! All you need is a computer with a connection to the internet and you’re ready to get started!